Although, android phones are the most happening things in the mobile industry these days, yet you may find plenty of Reasons Not To Buy An Android Phones. Isn’t it sounds strange? It does! But still here we are going to discuss what makes android phones a little cumbersome and you can go back to those plain phones which are easy to use. At the first place, technically most of the android phones keep upgrading the operating system. As a result, the older phones becomes a slower and don’t update properly. However, the single reason can’t be a deal breaker so in this article we are going to jot down some typical reasons for why not to buy an android phone.

Reasons Why Not To Buy An Android Phone
Reasons Why Not To Buy An Android Phone

The prominent Reasons For Not To Buy An Android Phone are :

Malware Present In Applications:

Malware Presence in the Android phones is one of the main reasons why not to buy an Android phone. Mostly a significant number of apps are hit by the rampant malware that gradually eats up the quality line of the system. Well yes! You won’t be able to access those crazy apps and experience those fun and excitement and everything becomes a short term gain when it comes to inviting that terrorist virus.

New And Exciting Security Holes:

The security issue is troubling almost all top notch android handsets. I do agree as they mostly corrupted with the malware and end up in highly risky and infected smart phones.

Complete Lack Of Version Number Logic:

With the plenty of diversity of the upgraded operating system such as gingerbread, honeycomb version 3.0, 3.1, and 3.3, people feel technically starved and feel clumsy about the recent or current version of Android version. Most of the time, user find it very clumsy after downloading it.

Problem In Upgrading:

The problem in upgrading the Android phones sometimes can be a headache which gives you a reason not to buy an Android phone. For upgrading the android phone you have to face a lot of trouble one cannot upgrade the handset without using the jailbreaking, rooting, modding or whatever. It becomes panicky when some of the handsets are inbuilt with typical operating, which are not susceptible to the mobile handset. Moreover, rooting needs all around hacking your phone which bears a lot of risks.

App Incompatibility:

App compatibility is now a huge problem with an android phone these days. The app that you run in one phones won’t be working with another. You can’t run just anything on your mobile phone, rather you have to check whether it is working or not.

Hell Lot Of Tweaks:

Even for downloading the single app, you need a lot of tweaking. You buy handsets to have fun and it is so boring to keep adding things for hours. This is one of the great deal-breakers and people get easily bored after using for sometimes.

Never forget that Android Phones have countless features also that makes them popular so, Go ahead and choose a mobile phone according to your need and features by keeping the above reasons for not to buy an Android phone in your mind.

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