The debate regarding Android Vs iOS is perennial. iOS users are one happy lot and theyswear by it, on the other end, we have android’s raging popularity which is unstoppable. Jelly bean, the newest Android OS has been able to captivate its users yet once again. A quick glance at the overpowering advantages of using android will help in ascertaining its supremacy over iOS. The so called lag and battery hogging issues or tag of fragmented OS is long gone with Android JellyBean update. Google has learnt the lesson and has done some excellent modification and ramification to make the Android OS better than iOS in terms of user experience. On the other hand Apple is known to concentrate on each and every minute detail of the product and hence has been tagged as a perfectionist. Android and iOS fansboys are once again ready to prove who are better than other. As an avid iOS user who also adopted new Android OS, here is my personal thought regarding the subject.

Read on for some interesting contrasts which would make our task easier. The post is not written by a tech savvy person but a normal user. This is the group of people both Apple and Google wants to target. After all, we don’t look each and every feature under the microscope like tech bloggers do.

1) Sharing videos or images is simple with Android Beam in Android 4.1. It employs Bluetooth for transferring varied data which include a range of payloads.

2) For transferring data from one phone to another, just selecting the transfer makes it a smooth transition from NFC. By simply tapping your phone, it can be paired with another device for quick sharing. With NFC integrated into it, a whole lot of functions can be performed.

3) Google Now, the intelligent personal assistant for Android is tailored to be your constant guide. It makes an effort in making personal connections with the user. It is so smart that you will never be late for an appointment. It keeps you updated with scores of your favorite matches plus checks out your calendar to keep you informed. It is fast and efficient to fit the role of a personal assistant. It beats Siri in many ways though it has been improved with newer features.

4) Not only in speed and efficiency, Android has attained aesthetically pleasing interface for its users, which beats iOS.

5) Android triumphs in a way it personalizes the phone as you can add widgets of your choice and organize the phone’s home screen. This feature is restricted in Apple as the home screen is locked which enable the users to simply organize the folders.

6) It offers a more flexible approach in organization than iOS.

7) Another feature worth mentioning is the supremacy of the Google Maps. Though iOS has tried to incorporate similar features it has failed miserably. Maps on Android are user friendly and can be used in several destinations which is not true with iOS. It is quick to answer to the queries of the user by blending with his dialect. Android has taken one step further in leaving iOS behind by its voice recognition feature. Better response than Siri has been guaranteed by this OS.

8) One feature which still would make Android desirable is ‘alerts’. This is extremely useful for busy professionals who quickly get to know about the information by glancing over, in a jiffy. This is however difficult in iOS as you will be compelled to access the Notification center to look for your alerts by scrolling madly.

Android Jelly bean 4.1 has shown enough promise in climbing the ladder higher than iOS. Even with the latest iOS 6, which will include several latest features matching that of Android.

There will be numerous comparisons as to why android is better, but these were some basic features which sets Android apart from IOS. Some amazing apps like android video playersand more makes it stand out from the crowd. Not to forget, abundant of android phabletsavailable in the market. What’s your take on the raging war between two smartphone giant? Which is your favorite OS?

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