DTH or “Direct to Home” is a system by which the broadcasting signals are directly transmitted to its set-up boxes. Earlier this signals used to be directed only through cable operators but now the scene is different. You can get thousands of TV channels and what you as a viewer need to have is dish antennae which will ensure the access to dozens of satellite programs. Here are few things that you should know about DTH.

Things You Should Know About DTH
Satellite television transmission signal. The background is the sky orange.

How does it work?

The whole story of DTH in brief can be told, as the service providers gather signals of various channels in a codified manner which is received by viewers through Ku-band transponder, present in the Geo-stationary satellite. From here the viewers can downlink signals with the help of 15-30cm dish antennae.

DTH actually is a form of encrypted transmission reaches directly through a satellite to its customers through its dish antennae. The encrypted transmissions are decoded by small set-up boxes that you can place anywhere inside your home.

The Benefits:

The biggest question that must be coming up in your mind is that why to use this technology when you are almost happy with the cable operator’s services. Let me first talk about the benefits that this technology will provide you and will make your life simpler and in fact happier. Firstly TV viewing experience will have a drastic change with a clearer picture which is ensured by the digital form of communication. This will give you the highest quality of both sound and video and make your TV watching experience far better than what it used to be. It gives you pictures with higher resolution and much better audio than the age-old analog signals. Moreover it will also gift you with various value-added services such as video conferencing, radio, telemedicine, internet services, games etc. The greatest benefit that you reap from this is that you can now ignore the cable operators who were distorting the subscription income.

Cost Factor:

The cost factor a thing which you should know about DTH. Though it provides better facilities than the normal cable viewing but the cost is what it matters while choosing it. The fact that Indian consumers have a typical mindset and they are always ready to compromise on quality over prices, which makes DTH services providers tough to gain popularity. As the new law of CAS the prices is prone to get higher. The different providers though have different prices of their own but they generally do not differ too much. With various value-added services on offer, the prices are expected to get higher and higher these days. So it is the choice of the consumers to grab the best one as per their requirement. But the recent law passed by the government DTH has been made compulsory in the locations of Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata. With this every house should have a set-top box who wants to watch TV.

Since it is now compulsory so let us now take a look at the service providers from which you can opt for any one.
1. Tata Sky
2. Airtel Digital TV
3. DishTV
4. DD Direct
5. Sun Direct
6. Reliance Digital TV
7. Videocon D2H

So, these were few things which you should know about DTH. Do share your view and doubts about the DTH via leaving a comment below.

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