I have never been to bank for last five years. You might be thinking about reasons, about my strange attitude of not visiting banks at the regular basis. It is as simple as that of mobile internet banking on my android phone, which takes care of all my needs. Sometimes I do mobile internet banking from my android phone while traveling via bus or my own car. Some of you feel weird about using this concept, but don’t you think in 1970s the same uncertainty crept in about using ATMs. Yes, our parents were really skeptical about using this new technology but suddenly you could access 24 hours banking. Today mobile banking is the new definition to the present banking services. As youngsters are looking forward to it desperately, the security experts have become conscious about the anti-social agents who are trying to steal money by hacking the phone.

Oops! Even I sometimes while sipping cappuccino at the coffee shop happen to type the wrong password. Let me tell you since I have big fingers so I feel cumbersome while typing in and always end up in typing the wrong password. What I have do here is unfold a check to deposit, and take of snap of the same and the upload the image in to my bank.

How Safe Is Internet Banking On Android
How Safe Is Internet Banking On Android

Excellent Mobile Features For Banking Customers :

According to the market research, nearly 10% people across world are using internet banking on mobiles these days; however there are only a few banks that allow the mobile bank deposits. Though these days, mostly all banks offer some or the other apps.

Be A Smart Protector Of Mobile Banking Apps :

Around 10% of customers use mobile screen to find out the check balances and transfer funds, and it is as safe as using the desktop. One of the major safety tips for Internet Banking On Android is not to save the customer information on phone. Normally it gets wiped off once the transaction is complete. When it comes to the mobile download the case becomes different.

Must Check Out Apps That Have Passed The Security Tests :

When researchers started testing the potential of mobile banking apps, most of them failed in the security tests. The critical information used during transaction got stored as plain text in several mobile handset. One can easily access to the username and password.

A Shift Towards A Facial Or Fingerprint ID System :

Sources say that the mobile technology is going to use the safer means to handle mobile banking. Facial biometrics can be one such option to make things a little safer for the customers. The simple camera, which you use in clicking snaps, now can monitor who exactly is using your phone. Moreover, it is going to encapsulate the fingerprint technology to check the user’s identity. In the meanwhile I would like advice you that use your mobile phone as a credit card, and do not let anybody to do financial transactions from your mobile handset.

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