Daily new mobile phones are coming in the market in which makes your mobile device to lag behind from the new models. Even the system of new mobiles is better which may make you feel to switch to a new mobile phone which is not possible every time. The solution to keep your smart phone especially the Android powered smart phone updated with new technology is to root them.


Rooting is a process by which you can gain access to the Android’s system. Rooting will allow you to overcome from the limitation set by manufacturers on your Android device. A rooted Android device will let you have more features than an unrooted one.

In this article you will get some reasons to root your Android device.

Better Hardware Performance:

After rooting your Android device you will have better hardware performance from your device. By rooting you can overlock your device’s processor which will improve your hardware performance.

More Apps:

There are lot of apps available in market which can only be used in rooted Android phones. So, if have you a rooted Android phone only then you can use this apps. Apps like Droid wall, Dual Mount SD Widget, Hexamob Recovery Pro, Keyboard manager, LED’s Hack, Root call Blocker and lot more will be installed only on the rooted Android device.

Improve Battery Life:

A rooted Android phone can let you use custom ROMs to improve battery life of your Android device. These ROM allow you to have improved battery life by tweaking the internal efficiency settings, app and network activity management. There is an app in the Android market place named as Superpower which aims to provide automatic management of your data connection and radio bands to improve battery life, this app can be used on rooted devices only.


Overclocking is one of the main reasons to root your Android phone. Once you root your Android phone you will get control over your device’s hardware. You can even overlock your 1.0 GHz processor upto 1.6 GHz. Many apps are available in the Android market to deal with under volting and overlocking.


If you don’t have the latest device powered with ICS then you can’t take screen shots on your device. A rooted Android device will let you use apps like picme to take screen shots on your phone. So, if you want to take screenshots on your device then you should root your device.

Custom ROM’s:

By rooting your Android device you can flash custom ROM’s on your Android device to have better user experience. Custom ROM is nothing but the customized UI for Android. There are many custom ROMs available to choose from. Some of them will help you to have latest version of Android before their official updates from your carriers. You will get extra functionality, speed and stability from custom ROMs.

These were few important reasons to root your Android phone. If you have a rooted Android phone or looking to root your Android phone then share your reasons to root your device with us.

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