After a long period of dormancy Nokia is back with a bang on an all new range of smart phones and adding to its feather is the new Asha 309 smart phone with dual sim. The new Asha 309 is the successor of the Asha 305 and 306 phones which have been introduced in early June this year. The Asha 309 is the more improvised version of the old ones and has a more attractive and flashy look.

Nokia Asha 309 Dual Sim Phone features price and specs
Nokia Asha 309


The phone has all the features of a smart phone and lot more to offer to. It is infused with a full touch 3.0 inch (240×400 pixels) scratch resistant capacitive screen which gives it a dazzling look. The operating system used is the Nokia Asha OS with swipe interface.

Apart from these basic features the additional features include a 2 MP camera and preloaded facebook and twitter applications exclusively for the handset. It also has 40 free EA games which include Fifa 2012, Tetris, Bejeweled, Need for Speed The Run. Not only this, more games can be downloaded very easily as Nokia’s new Xpress browser reduces the data consumption by 90% and also supports web applications. Besides all this, it has Nokia life application, which is preloaded in selected countries and 18 markets with Nokia life+ applications.
The other features include the in-built wi-fi to get connected very easily and very fast wherever a wireless network is available. The easy swap dual sim support allows the swapping of sim without actually switching off the mobile.

Apart from the usual features like Bluetooth FM radio and GPRS and music playback system it has 110mAh with 64MB internal memory and up to 3GB expandable memory. The FM radio can also be recorded with the RDS system and 40 hr maximum playback time.


The product is in the low-medium range category and is decided to be of Rs.5500 approximately which is very much affordable. The price in USD is $122.22 approximately.

Nokia is always known to provide the best product in the most affordable prices and hence this new Asha 309 is no different and promises to give a lot more in a very less price. This product will surely catch the attention of the Indian middle-class consumers who look for the most worth full deal and the best return of their money.

This new set from Nokia is a very good product to be introduced at this time when the market of Nokia is down & is falling like anything. Asha series is for sure going to grab the attention of the consumers and would get a grip on the market. It is even competent prove to be a threat to the competitors like Samsung who is till now reigning the market of affordable smart phones. But with the introduction of this, not only smart looking but smart working phones it will be no time to get the old glory of Nokia back and place it at the right place where it has always been.

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