In recent times, numerous android phones and iPhones have come up in the market. Such a huge influx has made it difficult for a common buyer to choose the best out of them. A majority of customers find it extremely difficult when it comes to choosing between An iPhone or An Android phone.


Following are some of the questions which you need to ask yourself before deciding between iPhone or Android :

Are you interested in using Mac?

It has been noticed that people using Gmail have easy transition while using an Android phone and similarly people using Mac find iPhone quite easy to use. The iTunes software will help in synchronizing all the contacts in your address book to the iPhone. This will also include synchronization of apps and music too. The latest iCloud service will make the transition easier and hassle-free.

Interested in Playing Flash Games/Videos?

Over the years, Android phone have become Flash friendly, as you can find them supporting flash files or games. You will no more find the error “Flash plug-in required” while using an Android phone. This has definitely given Android phone an edge over iPhones who have since their inception avoided flash. Steve Jobs was completely against the usage of flash because he believed that it slows down the processing of the phone and also increases security related problems. However, here you need to remember that with each passing day, flash websites and games are coming up with alternative options for those mobile users who are not having flash compatible phones.

Are You An App Addict?

Although Android has been boasting about its lively applications but the apps offered by Apple are peerless. There are around 500,000 applications released by Apple in comparison to 350,000 apps by Android. It has been seen in the past that the most interesting and fascinating apps have come from Apple. For instance, angry birds debuted on iPhones an year and a half back before eventually Android came up with its own version. There have been constant debates and argument between Android and Iphone users in regards to this.

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Are you comfortable with a physical QWERTY keypad?

If you are comfortable with QWERTY then it will be easy to choose an Android phone out of the iPhone or Android . It can be turn out to be a harrowing experience to type lengthy messages on virtual keypads if you are having thick fingers. If you prefer physical keypads, then you need to go with Android phones. There are several models of Android phone which offer optimum texting experience. Their keypad is broad and easy-to-use. In fact, this is one of the prime reasons why a majority of people Android phones. In some Android phones, there is a slide option, wherein you get both physical as well as virtual keypad. This gives an option to use either of them depending upon your choice. On the other hand, Apple has shown no interest in coming up with a phone with physical keypads. Though it is not affecting the sale of iPhones considerably, still iPhone would have greater demand if it also offered physical keypads.

So, These were some thing to consider before choosing An iPhone or An Android phone. Now which one will you choose from An Android or iPhone?

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