The dearth of smartphones does not seem to be ending very soon, as the recent research NPD display search says that by the year 2016, the phone manufacturing agencies would be shipping around billion of smartphones across the world. Every sixth person on the planet would be having their own handsets and this somewhere down the line echoes the vicious battle being fought in the tech marketing world. When it comes to the smartphones you can’t the ignore iPhone and its dominance on the market. Besides this, the growing admiration and charm with the contemporaries of Apple such as Samsung, Nokia, and other products is creating its own arc on the plateau.

Recently, a well-known flagship company Nokia has comes out with the latest smartphone Nokia Lumia 920 loaded with the exclusive innovative feature. This Finish phone weighs just 185 grams and is slightly heavier than its rival iPhone 5 which weighs 73 grams less. On the other side Apple, I phone 5 is one of the lightest smartphones that comes to you with fully loaded features weighing around 112 grams along with a glossy touch. This phone is really a superior product made for high-end customers. If you seeking for the sleek device, iPhone 5 wins the game since it measures 7.6mm, while Nokia Lumia is slightly fat and measures around 10.7mm.

iPhone 5 vs Nokia Lumia 920

Storage and Memory :

The Nokia Lumia 920 is a straight forward proposition as it is designed keeping in view of durability and comes with the memory of 32 GB whereas the Apple I phone 5 comes to you with 16/32 and 64 GB memory. So, iPhone 5 would be taking a lead though both of them have common RAM of 1 GB SOC which is assumed to be one the latest improvements.

Processors :

Nokia offers its customers a standard dual core snap dragon engine in its exclusive product Nokia Lumia 920, which clock in at 1.6 GHz whereas I phone comes to you with Apple new A6 SOC which is assumed to be improved version of processor used in its earlier smartphones. So, maybe Nokia Lumia 920 is not as spectacular as iPhone 5 but is a little privilege on its processor.

Camera :

The Apple iPhone 5 has offered to its customer the latest version of bolstering 8-megapixel primary cameras with impressive f/2.4 aperture speed. However, on the other hand, Nokia Lumia has given its customer the most advanced Carl Zeiss camera of 8.7 megapixels having aperture speed of f/2.0 with complete stabilizing action. Additionally, the Apple offers 720-pixel secondary camera is good, but Nokia 1.3 megapixel obviously takes the lead in the race.

Connectivity :

Both the device run on UK NEW LTE, spectrum but Nokia Lumia has offered it, users NFL for contacting less payment and wireless charging for extra cool factor.

Software :

The Apple iPhone 5 comes with iOS6 software, which is specially designed for its own brand but the Nokia has offer Window 8 OS which features Siri for voice assistance.

Battery :

Nokia Lumia 920 is powered by a powerful battery 1800 mAh which gives you full talk time of 7 hours while the Apple’s iPhone 5 comes up with standard battery of suitable capacity to give an uninterrupted performance. Both the phones come with added advantages, latest innovative features and technological marvel suiting the needs of customers.

So, for which phone you will go Apple’s iPhone 5 or Nokia Lumia 920?

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