The fastest website browser around is the Google Chrome and sometimes though this website becomes slow after sometime and it can be easily tweaked to run a bit more efficiently and speedily. There are also some other problems reacted to the slow running chrome like Flash player crash. This problem also slows down the speed of chrome and conflict between the two programs needs a technical fix. There are many instruction and steps to follow to speed up Chrome.

How To Get Rid Of Slow Speed And Crashes Of Google Chrome?

Clean Registry and Scan Your Computer:

If you have the system registry in your computer then it affects all the programs running into it along with the Google Chrome and it will slow the speed of Google Chrome if you have any corrupt or missing file with incorrect registry. It will not only slow down but crash the browser intermittently. Use a registry cleaner to fix up the issues without the worry of tinkering with your registry directly. It is being attempted by expert computer technicians. After that scan your computer to prevent regular failures and this is however, a great method to increase the speed and remove the crash hassles for efficient speed.

Windows registry creates problem which corrupts the browser and conflict with each other and that’s why sometimes we experience Chrome Flash crash. Run an effective registry repairing scan to fix active-x, file associations and other registry errors in order to fix this problem

Disable The Usage Statistics:

All the internet connected applications sends some information and signals about the usage of the visitors who have been browsing and visiting the sites so often. Similarly, Chrome also sends some information and signals to Google to improve browser and fix the issues related the web browser. These signals are when sent, slows down the speed of Google Chrome. This is very simple to make the speed faster if you’re a bit paranoid and it stops Chrome to send information to your browsing habits. Click on the tools option on the upper right corner, those who are using Windows and uncheck the options related to usage statistics in the advanced settings. It helps in speeding up the Chrome a bit.

Upgrade With Latest Exceptions:

In addition to security fixes, Google constantly updates the software products with the new releases of Google Chrome often incorporate speed upgrades in addition to security fixes. Click the wrench icon once again to update your Google Chrome installation for Windows. Now, select “About Google Chrome”, Start the download by clicking the update button and once the process is complete, restart the browser.

The above guidelines allow you to take measures to find an easy solution to the problem. By using sophisticated Registry Cleaner software you could have a simple solution. This article comes up with number of solution to get rid of the slow speed of Chrome and fixing your registry will fix slow Chrome performance and thus make your habit to scan regularly your registry for peak performance.

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