Nowadays DTH vs Digital Cable is a hot comparison topic among the Indians. With the new law passed by the government, digitization has been made compulsory for everyone, which will start to take effect to the four metro cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. With the upcoming process of digital cables it has become job to choose whether to go for a DTH service with modern qualities of high quality pictures and sound or whether to remain loyal to your old cable operator and have a hassle-free life.

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DTH vs Digital Cable

Just as everything both of the process has its own pros and cons. So, let us make direct comparison of the both so that becomes easy for you to make a choice.


The technology for DTH being used is digital signaling of picture and audio quality, which is far better than digital cable operators who still be use analog signals for broadcasting channels. Though with the digitalization, the picture quality will be better and viewers will be able to enjoy HD channels which were not possible before but still it lacks the modernization of the DTH signaling process. This has also been proved true as in some areas of Mumbai the cable operators has already started provide digital cable but still the picture quality remains poor.


As for the servicing part, people are more comfortable with local cable operators. People can communicate much faster and in a much better way with local operators than the DTH service providers. Servicing process of DTH becomes tiresome as the customers have to first complain at the call-centers and it becomes a very lengthy process to get your DTH service fixed, once any disruption happens.


When comes to pricing, the most economic option is obviously the digital cable, but for that you will obviously have to compromise on the quality part. If your main motive is to watch daily soaps and that too in any form then for you, digital cable is the best option. But for those who wants to have a real good experience of Home television they must opt for DTH services. Especially people who own home theatres and smart TV’s in their home and want to have a movie viewing experience, DTH services would serve their purpose at par.

Value-added features:

Though the value-added feature provided by DTH service provider counts great in a list, such as, internet connection, games, home shopping etc but local cable operators are also not far away. The local cable operators provide broad-bands which allow viewers to use internet services as well without having a separate connection for the internet. Some operators are also allowing home shopping facilities by tying up with the local retail shops like big-bazaar and providing goods at Cash on delivery basis.

Our verdict:

Analyzing the few points in hands we may say that though DTH gives a much better quality than the digital cable but considering the other factors like servicing, it’s better to go for a digital cable but still it depends upon the customer’s requirement and you are the best to choose what is best for you.

I believe that this comparison between DTH and Digital Cable will help you to choose the best among these two easily. Do share your views about DTH and Digital Cable via leaving a comment.

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