Looking for a hot deal on a Nokia mobile phone? Check out some of the current deals being promoted on the Dialaphone website http://www.dialaphone.co.uk/. They offer different plans for many Nokia phone models. The plans vary according to the minutes and texts, as well as other perks. Dialaphone has scoured the internet to provide you with the most current deals.One current deal from Dialaphone is for the Nokia Lumia 610. The plan offers a contract of 24 months with service provider, T-Mobile. The plan offers users a total of 50 minutes per month with 250 texts. The line rental fee is just £ 10.50 each month. If this plan doesn’t provide enough minutes and text, the next step up would be a plan with coverage by O2. Like the T-Mobile plan, the O2 plan is for a 24 month time frame. However, it offers double the talk time with 100 minutes. Texting is unlimited with this plan. The cost for the plan only increases £5 from the T-Mobile plan to £15.50 monthly. Both phones can be obtained from Dialaphone with free delivery.

Dialaphone Deals on Nokia Phones

Another Nokia phone with advertised deals on it right now is the Nokia Lumia 800. The service provider for this deal is Orange with a Panther plan. The contract time of this plan is 24 months. The associated plan offers 50 minutes of talk time with an unlimited amount of texting. The data usage is 250 MB each month. The cost of this plan is £15.50 monthly. This plan is also eligible for Orange ‘swapables’. This is a service offered to Orange customers on Panther plans. Customers can obtain various types of entertainment services from Orange World with this option. Specifically, two different ‘swapables’ can be selected and used each month. At the conclusion of the month, they can be kept or changed out for new ones.

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