This post is specially written for the people who own smartphones. Nowadays, the leading smartphones are the Android based smartphones, iOS based Apple smartphones and the Blackberry OS based smartphones.

Well, it does not matter that what OS based smartphone, you own. A smartphone is a handheld device that gives you a number of smart applications in the mobile phone, which are in the interior of the phone. In addition to those applications, there are a number of smartphone accessories, which keep your smartphone as well keeps it smart in looks. A number of useful accessories are shared below:

Screen Guard :

The screen guard is a necessary part for the screen touch smartphones. The touch screens of the smartphones, most of the times, get scratched by the fingers and nails, that cause irritation for the users. However, with the user of the screen guards, one can keep his/her mobile screen safe and scratch resistant. In the expensive handsets, the screens are built up of gorilla glass, which is scratch resistant glass. However, we recommend screen guards for such smartphones also as the screen guards are of different types and functions such as some provide shine to the displays. Other provide black effects that keep your matter to yourself only i.e. the other persons sitting next to you will not be able to see what you will be doing on your smartphone.

Emergency Chargers :

The emergency charger is a very important accessory of smartphones as the high pixel resolution of the smartphones consumes the battery with a fast speed. So, if you are on a long journey, the consumption of battery could result on to switching off your mobile that could result in a cut off from the outer world.

However, in such conditions, emergency chargers can be helpful as they will charge the battery without any need of a plug source. This type of accessory can be bought by the workers who have to travel for their work.

Earphones :

Earphones are the highest used accessory in the world. The earphones can be connected to your smartphone, with the help of the audio connectivity jack. These can be helpful in a crowdy place when talking with someone is difficult due to the external noise. The earphones shall be inserted in your ears in such case, which will help you to listen and the in-built mic, for speaking. On the other hand, the earphones can also be used to listen FM or MP3 music as the bass beats are provided in the earphones.

Phone Covers and Cases :

This is the most required accessory for the smartphones as the covers help the people to protect their smartphones from the damage caused by the accidental fall of the smartphone. The cases thus provide the protection from scratches, shocks, and other miss-happenings.

Bluetooth :

The hardware Bluetooth are very helpful for the people for moving the files from one device to another very easily without any required of wires. The Bluetooth connects the two devices wirelessly. The Bluetooth can be entered in the ears and then connected to the device using the in-built Bluetooth device. Thus while driving, one can also attend calls and talk without any interruption.

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