Currently, the Google algorithm has been improved a lot, in order to bring the best sites for search users. Likewise, many sites now do not appear on the SERP (search results) Google is too ordinary….

If your website is not good enough, you will not be indexed by Google, or in other words, your website does not appear on Google, and consequently your website does not create any benefit for you both.

8 reasons website not indexed by Google
8 reasons website not indexed by Google

So what reason and how to fix it like?

Robots.txt – This is the file to help the spiders (robots) to index your website where to access. For example, you Disallow: * will block all access of spiders to Website. You should change to Allow: * to improve it.

.htaccess – This is the first file system config manually you hosting or server. If your statements are not optimal for SEO, it difficult to get your website indexed. For example, too much loop to redirect, making your website fail, instead of 301 or 302 can also cause the same.

Meta Tags – There is a tag named Robot are placed on the source website. If you place tag NAME = “robots” CONTENT = “noindex, nofollow” then your site will never appear on Google. Take it away and just Noindex, nofollow on these pages really are not important.

Sitemap – A website with links internal systems too much, having one Sitemap (site map) is necessary. It helps spiders easy to indexing your site. If sitemap.xml fails, you can check in Tools Google Webmaster Tools to edit it.

Remove URL – In Webmaster Tools has a section for configuring permitted URLs indexed or not, that is Removing URLs (Remove URLs). You must use items when really necessary.

Low of Trust – The improved of an algorithm to deliver good content to the searcher, Google constantly evaluating websites with quality content and reputation by very valuable. If you are copying content or rudimentary investments should recompile it.

Server – Your server may have problem that the spiders do not have access to, so therefore your website may not appear in Google search results.

Buy Bad Domain – Maybe this is due to unlucky or you despite all the right domain name for the company, services, your products. But unfortunately, this domain had banned by Google, and that isn’t domain support for SEO. You must upload the content unique, images, videos, really useful for users. DO NOT COPY. Then send a request a review to Google for exit from Sandbox.

Resolve 8 reasons above, TechDip hopes your Website will appear on Google search pages. Do not forget to leave comments, questions or ideas to TechDip to learn and improve this article.


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